NIALL HORAN DIRTY FANFICTION: Love in the Middle of the Lake

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 You & Niall have met again after not seeing each other in person for almost 7 years cause he’s busy with his world tours plus he lives in another country across from where you live… however, he’ll fly across the world for you… he wants to see you. He wants to look at your beautiful sparkling eyes once again.

Niall told you to meet him in a lake near Central Park, NY. The afternoon you arrive there you see Niall standing beside a boat with a paddle on his left hand and a rose on his right… “Niall?” you say. Niall walks towards you and says “Come on. I’m taking you on a boat ride.” He grabs your hand and escorts you towards the boat and sits you. He paddles and paddles until the boat reaches the middle of the lake, then he dropped the paddle. “are we stopping here? Or.?” You ask. Niall puts his finger on his lips as he says “shhhh…” he then takes his guitar and starts singing to you “Just The Way You Are” by bruno mars.  [I reckon you listen to this before you continue reading:]

You tear up as he sings, “if you wanna be perfect, then just stay the way you are don’t you ever change” you stare at his hands, his lips, his guitar…. His eyes. Niall stares at your eyes as he rows you back to land. Then, as he paddles back you lean forward and kiss him. Niall kisses you back, with passion. “oh my god. Im so sorry. I didn’t mean to.” You tell him as you back down. “no. its ok, please.” He says. Your face brightens up and you stop moving away from him when you heard him say it. You look at him, and you saw him smiling at you… he grabs you by your cheeks with his right hand and he takes your hand and kisses it using his left hand. You close your eyes as he kisses your hand as you feel the heat of his lips touching your cold hands… you look at his eyes and he looks at your lips while biting his then he leans forward to kiss your neck. You lie in your back as he’s on top of you kissing your neck working his way up to your lips. He kisses your lips gently and you close your eyes as you feel his legs touch your legs. He takes your right leg and brings it to his back. You rub your legs up & down and Niall makes his sexual face as you rub your legs on his back. He starts to undress you as he removes his shirt. Niall’s still on top of you so you can clearly see the view of his abs & how he’s removing his shirt…  you start to feel up his body and he smirks at you, and starts kissing you again putting his tongue inside your mouth and grabbing the two of your legs and putting it on his back. He bites your lips as he gradually removes your jeans and your underwear leaving you completely naked. You stood up to remove his jeans too but the boat turned upside down.

NIALL LAUGHS. You haven’t heard that laugh in a long time then he looks at you. He sees you shivering cause you’re in the water and you’re completely naked so he removes his pants and all his clothing leaving him completely naked too. You two are skinny dipping!! You’re still shivering and niall swims toward you and wraps you up in his body. His body parts against your body parts. He winks at you as he hugs you in the water when the two of you are actually completely naked. He hugs you tightly against his naked body feeling your naked body in the water. You stare at him as he feels your back then, you catch his lips with your teeth biting them… niall then swims down and grabs your hand and drags you down under the water and kisses you on the neck. He takes both of your legs and wraps it on his hips as he swims and he kisses you harder & passionately.  Then, the two of you rise to the surface but Niall still hugging you, his body against your body. He makes out with you more and kisses your neck, as he makes sexual noises. Then, with enough passion he finally decides to go in you… “are you ready (y/n)?” he asks. “I would say yes if we weren’t in the water, but since we’re doing this in the water…” Niall looks at you sexually which made your eyes melt, “OK! WHATEVER NIALLER, LETS DO THIS THING.” Niall thrusts against you and you moan screaming his name as he goes deeper in the water and inside you…