NIALL HORAN 2013 IMAGINE: You are one of the X-Factor Contestants

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you tried out for the xfactor because you wanna meet one direction sooo bad. you made it until the live shows.. as always, one direction watches the xfactor.. MOST of the boys think you have great talent ESPECIALLY Niall, BUT Liam DOES NOT like you..

 Niall always stays up to watch your live show performances on xfactor and stalks you on youtube and tries to find your facebook & twitter account. Niall is inlove with your voice. he's a HUGE fan.. he DOES NOT know you're a directioner though, so that left him clueless..

 he thinks about you ALL the time especially before he goes to bed after watching xfactor. his phone bills are sooo expensive all because he keeps voting for you...

 the boys start to worry about Niall's "fangirling" issues, he squeals alot and jumps and cries infront of the TV everytime its your turn to perform. Liam hates you sooooo much. i think he's jealous...

 idk. Liam just DOES NOT like you & never votes for you.. it's just he's so jealous to the fact that Niall does not pay any attention to him anymore and all Niall's attention is on you.

 Meanwhile, at the X-Factor house you just found out that One Direction is coming to do a special guest performance and ALL the other xfactor competitors know how much you're inlove with 1D, especially Niall.. they're all excited for you and you? well, you almost fainted when you found out. you told yourself that you'll give your 200% in this week's live show... cause you want to impress the boyband you adore so much


while you're in backstage getting ready, you forgot your lucky charm and run back to your dressing room, while running back.. you bump in into the boys and THEIR FACES WERE STIFF WHEN THEY SAW YOU:

Harry: ummm, aren't you *Y/N*

You: yeah, *giggles, SCREAMING INSIDE*

Harry: oh my god *bites nails*

you: *confused look*


You: Oh yeah *trying to be calm*

Harry: Look, Niall.. it's *Y/N*...

Niall: *runs away*

Harry: im sorry about that *Y/N*

you: what happened?

Zayn:he's just a big fan

Liam: *rolls eyes* yEAH! BIG FAN. WHATEVER

Louis: so, can we take a picture now?


Harry: Liam, are you sure you dont want a pic with her?

Liam: im sure. *walks away*

Zayn: well. you better get there I think its your turn

You: oh.. uhh okay

You were so surprised why the boys know you, you were so speechless & you were as stiff as them.

it was your turn to perform: you performed ENCHANTED BY TAYLOR SWIFT: you saw the boys in the crowd.. Niall was staring at you & as you were singing 1D feels attack and you start to cry but you were still singing with strong feelings and you were looking at Niall everytime you sing "it was enchanted to meet you"

 Your turn was done & you got a standing innovation from the crowd, you saw the boys clapping especially Niall he was CLAPPING REALLY HARD, Liam was clapping too but not that hard. THE JUDGES WERE BLOWN AWAY AND TOLD THAT YOU ARE THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT.