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The Dance Teacher [One Direction: Zayn Malik]

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|:~Chapter Two~:| 



"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another." - Unknown


~ Zayn's POV ~

After the teachers and the principal disappeared from the foyer, they opened the doors to the auditorium. I trailed behind my parents and sisters, my hands in my jean pockets loosely.

Sighing silently as we sat down, I fiddled around with my phone as I waited for the three hour performance to start.

Scanning through the performance brochure, which had 'Latest & Greatest' clearly written on the front, I found that Safaa's performances were near the front, which was good. I didn't really want to fall asleep and then get a scolding afterwards from my eight-year-old sister for not paying attention while she was dancing.

Sighing inwardly, I felt someone sit next to me on my left. Glancing to my side, I found it was an old lady - perhaps about seventy or eighty.

The lady saw my gaze and smiled at my. She was quite plump, but gave that kind, friendly persona.

"Hello, deary."

"Hi, miss," I replied, politely.

"Say, you look familiar..."

"That would be because I'm famous... I'm in a boyband..." I pointed out, trying my best not to be impolite and cocky.

"Ah! Yes, yes. Now I understand. And you are here because...?" she trailed off, raising her eyebrow expectantly.

"My sister, Safaa, she performing. What about you?"

"I used to babysit a girl about ten years ago for extra money. Her parents can't come so she always asks me. She's a ballet teacher here," she replied.

I furrowed my eyebrows together as I registered this. Could it be Kiira?

"Why can't her parents attend?" I asked curiously, ignoring the question I just asked myself.

"Something happened about two years ago. I don't know what, no one really knows. She doesn't like to talk about it. I remember her parents weren't around that much, that's why I always as asked to take care of her," she explained, scanning through the concert brochure.

"Ah, here she is! She's on here," she exclaimed, pointing to a picture and a small paragraph next to it on the paper.

All my questions were answered, it was indeed Kiira.


~ Kiira's POV ~

"Tap Three, Tap Three! I need you upstairs in two, we are starting in five minutes and you are the third performance. After, I need my girls, Grade One Ballet!" I called out into the dressing room.

It was chaos. Girls were running around setting up their costumes, parent helpers were helping the little dancers into costumes and senior students were gathering up the classes. And this was only one room.

A few minutes later, the Tap Three class was ready near the side-stage doors. I quickly ushered my class to the dressing room door, marking off the roll before lining them up in the right order.

Taking Safaa's hand, who happened to be in front, I led the class down the stairs to the main part of the backstage area. As they entered side-stage while Tap Three entered the stage, I wished them all luck and hugged them.

I waited anxiously until they ran on. They danced almost perfectly, smiling cheerily. After they had finished, they ran back on side-stage and I quickly congratulated them before leading them back to their dressing room.


After the interval, the performance was still going smoothly and everything was proportioned and timed correctly.

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