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Everything (Fili/Kili)


Fili and Kili, Dwarves from the hobbit!


Warnings: Same sex sibling


Not following the book or the movie (obviously)



When Kili returned home from crafting new arrows for himself and two friends, he was exhausted. All he wanted to do was eat a hot meal, have some ale, and go to sleep. The young dwarf didn't think he was asking all that much.

When he pushed the door open to the home he shared with his older brother, the hard wood pushed something across the floor. Kili looked to find Fili's boots tossed unceremoniously, his furs as well.

He worried that his brother had fallen ill, he was never one to just leave things scattered. He wasn't the neatest but he wasn't a pig either. 

"Fi-" But he was cut off by a loud groan. Kili marched quickly down the hall, eyes wide and heart beating faster than before.

Fili's door was ajar, just slightly, just enough for Kili to see the bed...and his brother's bare backside. He didn't miss the long, twig like legs that wrapped around Fili's strong waist. 

Kili gasped, he wanted to walk away, didn't want to see his brother in the throws of passion with this, this...filthy wench. Fili was pounding into her, his long blond braids falling over his muscled back.

Her black hair fanned out around her, Fili's fingers gripping it making her whine in a way that made Kili want to vomit.

When Fili pulled out of her almost all the way, Kili's breath caught in his throat. Considering they were Dwarf's, they were very well...endowed.

The human wrapped her arms around Fili, her fingers trailing down his spine. Kili wanted to break those fingers one by one, no one should be allowed to touch Fili...unless of course it was Kili.

The younger Dwarf knew it was his own fault, falling for his own brother. It was wrong, so very wrong, yet Kili couldn't shake the feeling deep within his belly ever time Fili's blue eyes looked over at him, couldn't stop his flesh from tingling when his brother touched him.

He listened and lost himself in the sounds Fili made, the way he gave into pleasure. The woman ruined it though, her obnoxious cries made Kili want to stick hot coals in his ears. Kili watched Fili's back tense and he pulled himself from the woman. His hand gripped his cock, giving a few hard, quick pumps before tossing his head back, groaning long and loud as he came across her belly and breasts.

Kili felt that he could cum just from that alone, watching his big brother finish, the look in his eyes. His cock twiched in his trousers, thick and hot against his leg. What he wouldn't give to be beneath his brother...

Fili stood from the bed, sweat beading on his forehead and chest. The woman sat slowly, her elbows holding her up so that she could look at the Dwarf.

Fili wiped his cock off with a cloth lying beside his bed before tugging his breeches back on. The woman gaped at him.

"You're just going to go then?"

"I have work I must do." Fili lied, he had nothing to do. "Thank you."

"I can't believe this! I thought your brother was the bastard!"

Fili flinched. "Do not talk about my brother, wench."

She stared daggers into the Dwarf but Fili didn't flinch, his eyes just as hard on her. He picked up her dress and tossed it at her. 

"You need to leave now."

"Happily." She spat. 

Kili ran back to the main room, trying to play it off as though he'd heard nothing. The door slammed and the woman stormed past him, dress crooked and hair a mess of knots.

"What are you looking at?" She demanded.

Kili just shook his head and set to removing his heavy boots. Fili entered soon after, a smug grin on his face.

"I didn't realize you were home, little brother." He chuckled. "How much did you hear?"

Kili glanced up at him. "I heard nothing, I am glad of it too."

Fili laughed and squeezed Kili's shoulder. "Dear brother, one day you will bed a fair maiden."

But Kili had no desire to a maiden, he wanted Fili, with every ounce of his being he wanted him. But he didn't voice that, instead he just nodded.

"I am ready to have some food." Fili told him while pulling his furs over his shoulders. "Are you coming?"

Kili's growling stomach answered for him. Fili laughed and pulled his brother along behind him.

Their friends were in the cavern already, gulping down ale and laughing at tales from younger years. Fili and Kili sat with them as they all ate and drank, and Kili nearly forgot his brother's earlier rump.

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Everything (Fili/Kili)

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