I was on my way home from a long day at work. I was a waitress at a restaurant, temporarily, and I got coffee spilled on my by another klutz waiter, thank God it wasn't hot, and I am on my period so I was having stomach cramps, and to top it off I'm one bad mistake away from getting fired. I just wanted to go home to my boyfriend Zayn Malik, yes  the Zayn Malik from the world famous boy band, One Direction. He always found a way of cheering me up.

By the time I pulled up to the huge house we share it was nearly 10:00, oh well what am I supposed to do about,  it. I get out of my car and walk to the door and put my key in the handle slowly wanting to scare Zayn since he was always pulling pranks on me. I walked into the house. Putting my purse and keys on the table next to the door and slowly going up the stairs. Without turning on any lights and going as slowly and quietly as possible. I got up the stairs and at the end of the hallway, I saw a jacket on the floor and it wasn't Zayn's because it was a girl's jacket. I knew Zayn would never cheat on me, so I just kept walking to find Zayn's shirt with another girl's shirt. This time I freaked out. My eyes widened and I ran to the end of the hall way to the door of Zayn's and I's room. I opened the door to find him on top of another girl. Both of them almost fully naked.

"Zayn! What the fuck?!" I yelled wanting an explanation.

He jumped and pushed the girl to the side and sat up on the bed looking at me. "Y/N, baby.." He started but I stopped him and turned to the girl who was just sitting there looking like a complete idiot starring at us.

I turned to her. "Listen you little skank, get you and your slutty ass out of my house!" I yelled.

She got up holding her stomach trying to 'cover herself up'. She took her pants of the floor and put them on tieing her hair into a pony tail as she went into the hall to get her shirt and jacket.

"Y/N I can explain." Zayn started

"I don't care what you have to say Zayn. I saw what just happened and clearly I'm old news." I said while going to the closet and grabbing a suitcase and putting all of my clothes in there without bothering to fold them.

"No baby your not 'old news'. I love you." Zayn said unable to understand that we were over.

"You love me? Your going to stand their in your boxers after I clearly caught you about to have sex with another girl and say you love me?!" I say looking at him

"Yes I do love you. She was a mistake. I'm sorry. Please don't leave me." he says thinking of what to say to make me want to stay. He was starting to tear up.

"Well I don't care anymore Zayn." I say zipping up my suitcase and taking it downstairs while he follows behind me.

"Y/N! dont leave me. You mean everything to me." Zayn says desperately.

I ignore him grabbing my keys and purse and walking out of the door. I put my suitcase in the backseat of the car and my purse in the seat next to me and as I start up the car.

I got started wondering where to go. I just sat there. Then it just hit me. Out of nowhere, I put my head on the back of the seat and started crying.

After about maybe 15 minutes of crying I wipe my face and grab my phone thinking of where to go my best friend, Y/B/F/N, is away on vacation and I'm not going to go home because that's too far of a drive. I stop at one name in my contacts list, Niall, he was my next closest friend, and I thought about calling him. Should I bother him? I mean he was band mates with Zayn. That would be kind of selfish wouldn't it? I thought to myself. But I remembered what just happened and what I just saw Zayn do. So I called him.

After a few rings I hear his comforting Irish voice