I want you bad (Riker Lynch fanfic)

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Hey guys i just wanted to say sorry for my misspelling :) i'm might not be as good at writing as other people here at wattpad but would you please give my story a chance anyway? plz :) thx if you do! I hope you guys like it! :)))


Sara is 18 years old and lives in California. She has been best friends with Ross since she was 14 years old and he was 12 years old. Even thought she is 2 years older than him. She is best friends with Rydel too. They have been it for like forever. Ross and Rydel has a big brother named Riker. He is good friends with Sara too but more like a brother.  

Sara has brown, long hair and green eyes. She's shy but when u first get to know her she's fun to be around and a very good friend. That's all you need to know about Sara :)

*Sara' pov*

I were playing truth or dare with Ross, Rydel, Riker and Rocky. "Okay Sara! Truth or dare?" Riker said. "Uuh let's say truth!" "Okay what kinda guy do you like?" Riker said. "Uh his personality he has to be Fun, sweet and don't Care about what other people think about him. And um his look: i would say blonde hair. Just like that Ross and Riker have! And hazel eyes and a six pack would be a bonus! And you know cool clothes. Maybe Hollister." I said and thought about what i just said. Yup that would be a dream guy for me! Everyone were just looking at me. "Uh Sara? You literally just described Riker and Ross.." Rydel said. What? Riker and Ross? I never thought of them in that way. I mean yeah Ross is really cute but we're just friends. And Riker... Yeah he's cute, hot, sweet, funny and.. What am i saying!? Riker and i are just friends and i like that! And i dont think he like me in that way. As his girlfriend.. "Whaaaat? Riker and Ross?..." I said blushing. "W-well i got to go home and.. Do something. C ya guys!" I said and sprinted home. The Lynch family and i live½ at the same street so my house wasn't that far away.

*Riker' pov*

I asked Sara what kinda guy she liked and she literally described Ross and i. That means i might have a chance! Yes i have a crush at Sara. Like a really big one. I have liked her in years i just never had the guts to tell her. I felt a big smile grow at my face when she told what kinda a guy she liked. "Uh Sara? You literally just described Riker and Ross.." Rydel said and pointed at us. She blushed and said. "Whaaat? Riker and Ross?... Uh i better go home and do.. Something. C ya!" She stod up and sprinted home before we could do anything. "What was that about?" Rocky asked. "I don't know. I will go talk to her later." Rydel said. "I'm coming with you." "No way Ross. This is a girl thing." "How do you know that?" "I just do." Rydel said and walked up stairs. "Yeah i'll go outside get some tan you know." Rocky said and walked outside. "Hey Riker do you like Sara? I mean like like?" Ross asked when we were alone. "Whaaat? Sara? Why do you think that!?" "I don't know. I just throught that you maybe liked her sence you asked what kinda guy she likes..." "No that's stupid. I'm 20 and she's 18." "That's only 2 years." He said. Maybe i should just tell him. He will find out some how anyway. "And you know, age is overrated!" Ross sang. "Yeah but we're only friends.." I looked down at my hands. "Mmm okay. If you say it. I will go get some tan too. You know for the ladys." "What ladys?" I asked grinning. "T-the ladys!" He said and walked outside. Hm it's a really sunny day. Maybe i should get some tan too. Yeah i'm gonna make Sara fall for me. I'm already her type and a little tan wouldn't hurt.

*Rydel' pov*

I grabbed my phone and texted Sara. It was weird. That way she stack of. Maybe she actually likes Riker.. Or Ross. Well there's only one way to find out!

*phone convesation*

R- why did you ran of like that? 

S- what do you mean? I didnt ran of.. I just had to do something.