6 Years Apart

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..Veronica's P.O.V..

I'm Veronica Ashton Lopez, I'm 12 going on 13 this April. I'm on a tour with the one and only One Direction. I'm just a simple girl with big dreams and I do not know why I'm here sitting beside the lads. Harry Styles is in love with me. He does not know what's my age except for Zayn, he's like a brother to me.. He treats me like I'm his only sister.

What if Harry knew my age? Will he do anything? or he will just accept the fact that I'm too young for him.. I know someone who is 10 years younger than his husband, it's my auntie but let's not talk about them. I like Harry Styles but he will find a girl who is better than me right? He's just saying that he's inlove with me but in reality he just said that because I'm close to him or something. I'm too young for him. I do not want a guy who is 6 years apart from my age.... 6 years apart...


Hello! I'm starting a new fan fiction again. :) Hope you like my short prologue. And Jasmine Curtis a.k.a Veronica Ashton Lopez picture at the side -> ❤ Isn't she pretty? Let's just pretend that she's 12/13 okay? She's actually 18 :) So, yeah! ;) I love you guys to infinity and beyond. ^_^

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