Lost In Space (A Short Story)

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Part 1 of 2

The clock ticked slowly, the urge to press the button early was extreme. But for the people at Control Base, they knew that it was impossible. They had strict orders and they must keep them. The 4 astronauts slipped into their seats ready for the journey ahead. No one spoke, all eyes were on the clock. Suddenly, the countdown began! '10, 9 ,8...' said the loudspeaker.

The crowd stood and watched the big screen waiting for the moment. '3, 2, 1...0!' said the loudspeaker

The shuttle burst into life and began its long journey into space. On the ground, people cheered. The scene was the same at Control Base. The shuttle flew upwards and away from sight. Only the loud engine noise could be heard in the distance.

This was worldwide news. The coverage of this exploration was huge. Everyone was talking about it from schools to offices. There was no other topic of conversation to be heard.

Meanwhile, the 4 astronauts slipped out of their seats as they left the Earth's atmosphere. Everything around them was floating even their lucky mascot called Space Joe. The Earth was disappearing from sight of the shuttle.

'Boss, somethings come up on the computer.' said one of the astronauts.

All of them crowded around the screen trying to connect to Control Base to ask them what was going on.

'We have a problem here' said the boss on board the shuttle.

'What's going on?' was the reply from Control Base.

'We got a error massage saying the raider is down' said the boss. 'Does that mean we are going to lose connection from Earth?'

There was no reply from Control Base. No signal, no noise, nothing

Then 'beep beep beep, warning! warning! No raider alert!' came from the machine.

All of a sudden, the shuttle burst forward into life catapulting the astronauts one way and then another. It was a very scary sight.

However, it all died down a few minutes later. But there was 1 problem.

'Boss, the machine is down' said a small, pale-faced astronaut.

They all looked at each other is disbelief and stared out of the small window. No one knew where they were at all.

The shuttle was lost in space!