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Starcrossed(On hold)


                                                                      Chapter 1

"Crystal! Honey come back inside now...or you might just get sick," Mrs Sheldon called out worriedly peeping out though a dark brown wooden door belonging to a medium sized white house. Potted plants hung on the roof of the house. The windows were painted dark brown to match the door.

"Mum please just five minutes more," Crystal squeaked gleefully as Janis jumped splashing water all over her. It was raining hard and Crystal was making most out of it by enjoying out in the rain with her two friends. All the trees around the pavement where Crystal and her friends were playing glistened in a lush green tone as if smiling down at the three teenage girls.

"I so love it when it rains," Shari danced around waving her hands in the air.

"I know it's so much fun!" Crystal grinned while catching raindrops in the palm of her hand.

"Especially with you guys, rain would be no fun if you two are not with me," Shari wrapped her arms around Crystal and Shari.

"I hope we always stay together like this," Crystal smiled patting on Janice's and Shari's head.

"What do you mean hope?" Shari suddenly looked directly at Crystal's innocent face, "Hope is a stupid word and we'll obviously be together always."

"Yeah hope is stupid word Crystal," Janice agreed.

Crystal laughed, "I don't know why I said that...we three will always be together off course."

'Why did I say that?' Crystal thought. Janice and Shari were her childhood friends; in fact they became friends as soon as they were born on the exact same dates. Their mother's had delivered them in St. Martin's nursing home where they must have lied as babies next to each other's cots. Since then all three of them were inseparable. They did all their things together and supported each other absolutely for everything. They even went to the same school in London - St. Martins high.

"Hey! Watch out!" Sam exclaimed. The football flew towards Janice as she ducked her head down. "Who is that?" Janice demanded angrily.

"It was me..." Sam walked sheepishly towards them. The neighbourhood boys always played football in the evening in the park situated near the pavement where the three girls were standing. That park at the moment was filled with the evening strollers and joggers. It was filled with activity.

A little boy on a bicycle passed them chuckling. "Did I hurt anyone?" Sam asked feeling guilty."

"No, but you should be a little more careful," Crystal said.

"What happened?" Jermaine came from the park as well to look into the situation.

"Oh we are sorry Crystal," Sam grimaced.

"Yeah we are really sorry we'll be more careful from now on," Jermaine agreed, picking up the ball.

"Do that," Janice said.

"These boys..." Shari rolled her eyes as Sam and Jermaine walked back into the park.


Crystal's eyes were moist with the memories of the evening. She sat on her bed clutching a photo frame close to her heart. It had a picture of Janice, Shari and herself smiling oblivious to everything except for their friendship. The frame was decorated with macaroni shells and glitter. Janice had made it herself for Crystal as her Birthday gift. It was one of Crystal's most treasured things. The Baby blue bed sheet was crumbled and crushed but Crystal did not care what her mother would say about that. Everything seemed so distant now. The promises made and the time spent together. She felt like someone was squeezing her heart, it was hard for her to breath. She stood up from her bed still holding the photo frame close to herself. The walls of her room were light yellow in colour and dark brown furniture filled her room. Her mother had not let her paste cute animal posters on the walls saying it would spoil them. There was no television in her room as she wasn't allowed to watch Mtv or any movie or soap opera with uncouth language. She did not mind it though as most of her time was spent studying or completing her school homework. Her room was Spartan taking in consideration that she was a girl. A single wooden bed, cupboard, vanity mirror and a study table were the only things placed in her room. The computer was in her parent's room and she was allowed to use it only under their supervision only for school project research. Crystal understood it well, her parents wanted her to concentrate on her studies and get straight A+ s.

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Chace Crawfordas Ashton Carter
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