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History Repeats {Rewriting}

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Chapter 3-

Allison's POV-


I went to this small but cute house out in the middle of the woods, it was perfect. Away from the town, but close enough for me to intent the school. Yes I am going to school, but not as a student. I'm going to be a teacher, this way I can fit it and be involved and no one will get suspension.


I walked onto the porch and knock on the door, I didn't know who lived here, and all I knew is that someone own the place.


The door open to reveal an old woman, I smiled "Hi, I'm Allison Montgomery. I'm new to town and I was wonder if there was any chance that I could possible stay here for a while."


“I’m sorry dear, but this is not a motel you can stay at.” I felt the anger grow inside of me, I’m very nice person but you don’t want to make me angry.


Just as she was about to close the door I add, “Wait.”


She stopped and waited for me to continue. I took a deep breathe, and a step forward so this way I was right in front of her. I looked directly into her eyes, “You will let me stay here.”


“I will let you stay here.” She repeats, before added.


“And you will act nice to me as well…” She just stared into my eyes, understand my spell. “Now invite me in.” I finished. Her eyes went back to normal and a moment late a warm smile took place on her face.


"Come in" I sighed with relief.


 "My name is Ms. Flowers" she said as I shook her hand, and gave her a sweet smile. "Let me show you to the guest room, dear." She said kindly gesturing me up stairs, I followed. She opened the door. The floor creaked under Mrs. Flower's feet but didn't make a peep from mine. Being a vampire we walk like cats, quiet so no one can hear us; mainly because we have to hunt our prey. The room was pretty nice; it was old but way more welcoming and homey then a hotel. It had a nice queen size bed with a black cover and pearl white sheets underneath. Even though the room looked like no one had been there in a while, the sheets looked fresh.


I turn to Mrs. Flowers, who was waiting by the door, "It's lovely" I said and looked around the room, she smiled.


"I’m glad you like it dear, and you may stand as long as you like. If you need anything, just let me know.” She said with a gently smile, I nodded


"Thank you, Mrs. Flowers" I said when she left the room.


I wasn’t acting nice, I truly was, which is why I hate compelling people. Not giving them a choice isn’t right, but I needed a place to stay, that was kind of ‘off the grid’ as most people would say. And unlike other vampires I choose to keep my emotions on.


My mind went back to Damon, only seeing him for seconds in the bar, I knew his emotions were turned off. But to be fair all that happen in 1864, with Katerina and all, I don’t blame him. He was sad. I could sense it by just being near him and I would do anything to help him get back to that sweet, warm-hearted Damon, he was when I met him.


 I looked around the room, taking in the view of everything. I saw a wardrobe when reminded me that I didn’t have any clothes, so I would need to shop for some. I know there was a slight chance of running into Damon and if Damon's here then I'm pretty sure Stefan is too, if Stefan's is alive.


'Where one Salvatore goes, the other follows' I thought to myself, when I thought about the Salvatore brothers, all remember when I found them, dead.


(Flashback –Mystic Falls, 1864)


I was running through the woods, looking for him. 'Where is he?' I thought looking around but seeing nothing but trees and darkness, the only light was the full moon above. I breathe in the air and I could smell both of their blood, they were near. I follow the scent until I was out of the woods and on a dirt path; I looked to my left to see two bodies lying on the ground, not moving. I ran over and gasped. "No" I said kneeling between Stefan and Damon's dead bodies. I put my hand on Damon's check and a tear fell down mine. He's body was cold, I let all the tears that blurred my vision fall down, I sat there for a moment and just cried. I heard a noise coming from the woods, I turn to the direction it came from but nothing was there. I turn back to Damon and lean over his face; I caress his cheek once more time and kiss his lips softly. "I love you, Damon." I kissed his lips one more time and hurried into the other side of the woods and hiding be hid a tree.

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History Repeats - Chapter 3


Emily VanCampas Allison/ Alisun Montgomery
Allie Goninoas Alex/ Alexandra Montgomery
Daniel Gilliesas Elijah Mikaelson
Joseph Morganas Klaus/Niklaus Mikaelson
Nina Dobrevas Katherine Pierce/ Katerina Petrova
Ian Somerhalderas Damon Salvatore
Paul Wesleyas Stefan Salvatore
Nina Dobrevas Elena Gilbert
Steven R. McQueenas Jeremy Gilbert
Katerina Grahamas Bonnie Bennett
Candice Accolaas Caroline Forbes
Matthew Davisas Alaric Saltzman
Sara Canningas Jenna Sommers
Michael Trevinoas Tyler Lockwood
Zach Roerigas Matt Donavan
Marguerite MacIntyreas Sheriff Elizabeth “Liz” Forbes
Lauren Cohanas Rose-Marie
Jackie Pruchaas Mrs. Flowers

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