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He's my master, I belong to him (Book One and Two) (Completed)

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He’s my husband, we belong to each other

Epilogue (Part I)

I was extremely nervous, sitting impatiently inside the golden carriage Damon had ordered for the two of us. He was sitting in front of me, staring at the outside through the window. The horses steps were heard all over the lonely path we were passing. I placed my hands on my lap, squeezing my dress nervously.

“It’s going to be alright.” Damon said without even looking at me. He knew me so well, so I was sure he did not need to see me to know I was deeply anxious. Why? Because we were heading the adoption mansion placed in the kingdom’s outskirts.  I had been waiting for this day for the past couple of weeks.

“I know” I replied trying to sound secure. I stared at my husband; his skin looked absolutely beautiful under the slight light coming inside through the window. His dark eyes were focused on the outside. His black hair was messy as usual, covering part of his ears and forehead. He was wearing a formal black shirt with some undone buttons, showing the begging of his formed pale chest. He looked extremely sexy. I sighed remembering how many times I had told that aloud. Damon turned to me, resting his elbows on his knees.

“Are you ready for this?” He asked staring at me. His eyes were melting my heart.

“Yes” I nodded smiling at him.

“You’re going to be a great mother,” He caressed my cheek grinning at me. I pressed my face against his cold hand, closing my eyes “You are perfect.” I felt his wet lips brushing mine. His breath was teasing me, provoking me.

“There’s no such a thing like perfection” I replied while our nose were touching.

“That was I used to believe before I met you” he kissed me softly, letting me feel his soft lips slowly. I held his face sensing the movement of his jaw while he was deepening the kiss. His tongue invaded my mouth causing me to let go a sigh. How could I possibly love this vampire more? It seemed to me like every day my love for him grew bigger, overflowing my heart. I had to control myself otherwise that would end badly.

I leaned back breaking the kiss; he looked into my eyes and gave me a twisted smile.

“Are you, milady, afraid of losing control?” He smirked while I was resting my back on the seat.

“No, maybe it’s you who can’t control himself” I teased grinning at him. He bit his lower lip sexily. I felt the need of leaning to him and kissing him but I held myself back.

“Is that so?” he said extending his hand to my face. He caressed my lower lip with his thump, sending shivers through me. I swallowed.

“Damon” I protested holding his hand.


“Do you really think we are ready to do this?” I asked seriously “A child is a big responsibility”

“I know” he leaned back and sighed “Everything is going to be fine”

The carriage stopped, announcing we had just arrived to our destination. Damon went out and offered his hand to me to get out. As soon as my feet touched the rough ground under me, I looked up to see a two-store mansion in front of us. It had a beautiful garden surrounding it.  The walls were purely white. Lights were coming out through the mansion’s window. A tall young human opened the principal door and ran to us.

“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Richmond” she bowed showing her respect. She was wearing a maid’s uniform. She had a rounded face and strong factions; her hair was brown and was on a pony tail. Her hazel eyes were staring at my husband, she was dazzled and I could not blame her. Damon completely ignored her stare “Mrs. Russell is waiting for you inside”

Damon held my hand and pulled me towards the door. I swallowed as we crossed the big wooden door. We were immediately in a very warm living room, it had brown furniture and the windows were covered by curtains with the same color.

“Your highness” An old woman greeted smiling at us “Please, feel welcomed into my humble home”

“Margaret, it’s always a pleasure to see you” Damon smiled back at the woman “this is my wife Arlene” the woman looked at me instantly.

“Milady” She bowed and I just nodded my head “I understand you are looking for a child to adopt. Well, the newborn babies are upstairs. Please, follow me”   We followed her in silence. My breathing was getting faster every time I took a step up.

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