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You're best friends with Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, and you have been since you were kids. You've had a crush on his for a long time but since he's famous and all now you gave up. You still loved him and all, but it was no use. To help yourself get over your crush on Louis, you got a boyfriend. His name was Jon. He was really nice! When he wasn't drinking... You came home one night to your flat and Jon was there. He had let himself in. You'd given him a key for emergency purposes only, which this is clearly not.

"What are you doing here Jon?" you asked. He stumbled towards you, drunk again.

"I wanted to see you (Y/N)," he slurred.

"No Jon. I don't want to be around you if you're drunk. Go home," you stated. He slammed the door and stared you down.

"I'm not leaving until you have sex with me," Jon demanded. You hadn't had sex with him yet. Hell, you hadn't had sex with anyone yet, and you sure as hell weren't starting now.

"No. Get out of my flat," you said sternly. Jon marched towards you, his stumbling suddenly gone.

"Wrong answer baby," he said darkly. Jon shoved you up against the wall, kissing you roughly. You tried to push him off but to no avail. He stripped off your clothes and his. You screamed, not that anyone heard you. After it was all said and done Jon left, telling you you were no good and he was though with you. You felt so alone. No one to comfort you, until you remembered that Louis had come home a few days ago, his flat only a few minutes from yours. Hoping he was home, you pulled back on your clothes and ran to his. Once you got there you pounded on the door.

"(Y/N)? Are you okay?" Louis asked, opening the door. You flung yourself into his arms and sobbed.

"Babe what's wrong? I can't stand to see you cry," he said leading you over to the couch.

"Jon," you cried. Louis looked mad.

"What'd he do?" he asked. Louis never liked Jon, but he didn't really have a reason. He never hit you or anything. Just when he was drunk he was rude and obnoxious. Louis always said you could do better.

"H-he-he was at my flat. Drunk," you stuttered. Louis shook his head.

"Did you call you names?" he asked. You shook your head quickly, "He didn't, hit you, did he?" he inquired. You shook your head again, "Then what'd he do?"

"He raped me," you whispered before losing it again. Louis pulled you onto his lap. He held you and comforted you for the rest of the night. Eventually you stopped crying. It was late and you needed to head home.

"I need to go," you sniffled getting up. Louis grabbed your hand to stop you.

"Stay with me love, He still has a key, I don't want you hurt again," he said. You shook your head.

"He broke up with me. Told me I was no good," you sighed.

"You don't deserve him, (Y/N). You deserve better," Louis said standing up.

"Like who?" you asked.

"Like me. I love you (Y/N). I'll never hurt you. Ever. I promise," he said, grabbing your hands.

"No, you just pity me," you argued, shaking your head in dismissal.

"I've loved you ever since I met you. But I didn't think I deserved you, but now, I have to protect you. You're my best friend, please, be my girlfriend as well?" he asked. Your eyes got watery again, but not from pain and sorrow, from happiness.

"Yes," you said kissing Louis, "Yes."

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Louis Tomlinson Imagine: He finally asks you out.

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