Emblem3 Clean and Dirty #Imagines

#Imagine you havent been able to see Wesley for the past 4 and a half months because he's been on tour. Non of his family have either. So the boys were playing in Your home town, so You, His sister, His mother and Your close friend, Perrie decided to surprise the boys. Its yours and Wesley one year anniversity as well. His sister, Brooke has an idea. "Hey Y/N how about you go surprise Wesley in front of the entire audience today at the show!!" She finishes. "Ya! that would be cool!" Perrie chimes in. "I like the idea." His mother agrees. So with the show on the road Wesley begins his solo in the song "Sunset Boulevard" Brooke shoves you onto the stage as the crowd begins to yell. Wesley was foucsing on the crowd, but then shifts his attention over to you. He doesnt even finish his solo. "Y/N!!!!!!!" He yells and runs over to you. He has the biggest smile on his face. He lifts you up and spins you around. then plants a sweet kiss on your lips. "Ali I'm so glad to see you." He smiles. as the crowd goes "aawwweeee" Wesley speaks into the mic "I have written a song for you Y/N. Here we go." Drew tosses him a gutair as Wesley begins to sing the lovelist song you've ever heard <3

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Wesley Stromberg☺


Keaton Stromberg as Himself
Wesley Stromberg as Himself
Drew Chadwick as Himself
Y/N as You!

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