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One Direction Are Vampires (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)


This chapter guys skips a few months. So please no hate






I woke up and saw Harry sleeping. I smiled. We've been going out for 6 months now. We still haven't made it official. Harry wants to be careful. And he also doesn't want to me to get hate. Harry woke up and smiled.

"Morning" Harry said.

"Morning" I said

Harry pecked my lips. I smiled. Dad walked in. Like he always does. What if I was getting dressed and he walked in? He wouldn't care. He will be like you need to lose weight. I only weight 59kg and I have abs.

"I heard boys in your room last night" Dad said.

"TV" I said.

"What where you watching?" Dad said.

See he has to know everything I do.

"One Direction A year in the making" I said.

"Enough with the band already... Yes you met them once and they didn't call back... Your dreams of being with Harry are crushed" Dad said rolling his eyes.

"Well I went out with them one night about 2 days ago" I smiled.

Dad walked out. I turned around and looked at Harry. I smiled so did Harry. Harry moved his arms so they where around my waist. Liam and the boys jumped through the window. I laughed. They didn't want to be seen by my dad.

"Are you guys going to stay in bed all day?" Louis asked.

"Yup" Harry and I said.




The boys and I were walking around London. Harry was holding my hand. Oh Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie and I are best friends. They are also vampires. They where also with us. I walked into a book store. Harry followed since we were holding hands. I saw the book I wanted to get. It was on the back of 'Teen Vogue.' I grabbed it and looked at the back. I do with all the books to see if they are good or not. When I finished reading the back and brought it.

"You got a book?" Louis asked.

"I have been wanting it for ages" I said.

We walked out of the book store. Harry grabbed the book and read the back like I did.

"Ooh she's a witch" Harry said.

He put the book in my bag and grabbed my hand again. I smiled. We were talking.

"So let me get this straight if I get turned into a vampire, I am queen/ruler of the 27 realms" I said.

Everyone nodded.

"Why me? What's so perfect about me?" I asked.

"Everything" Harry smirked.

"No I mean why is it me that is supposed to be queen or ruler?" I asked

"No one knows.... Someone gets picked, someone with a parent who hates them" Louis said.

The boys, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie all looked at Louis and gave him the idiot look.

"Oh great... So my twin sister gets happiness and I am stuck with dad who hates me" I said.

"Pretty much" Louis said.

Eleanor hit Louis.

"I am not doing it" I said and started to run off.


Harry's POV

We ran after Aly.

"Smart one" Liam said.

We saw vampires circling Aly.

"Oh no" I said.

We ran and protected Aly.

"Back off" I hissed.

"You guys want her for yourself" A man said.

"Aly get on my back" I said.

Aly jumped on my back. I held her legs so she wouldn't fall.

"Sorry for running off" Aly said.

"No problem" I said.

Aly smiled.

"Ready" I said.

Aly nodded. We ran off vampire speed. Aly was laughing which meant she was enjoying it. I smiled. We got to the woods and stopped. Aly jumped off my back.

"That was fun" Aly said.

"I heard you laughing" I said.

Aly blushed. I pressed my lips onto hers. Aly smiled. I put my arms around her waist. The others groaned. Aly and I pulled back. Dad walked up.

"Where have you been?" Dad asked.

"Shopping" I said.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Dad asked.

"I'm 18 Dad... Again e-i-g-h-t-t-e-e-n" I snapped.

"More like 8" Dad said.

"Nothing is wrong with being young" Louis said.

"Who said that?" Dad asked looking around.

I saw Danielle kick my dad in the balls. Dad groaned in pain. I ran off. Dad chased after me. Harry made himself visible. He put me on his back. I smiled. Harry took off vampire speed.

"Thanks Harry" I said catching my breath.

"No problem" Harry said.

When Harry stopped. I wanted to get off.

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