Taking Care Of Niall Horan's Baby


Ava's P.O.V


"WOULD HE SAY HE'S IN L-O-V-E? WELL IF IT WAS ME THAN I WOULD, I WIULD! WOULD HE HILD WHEN YOUR FEELING LOW? BABY, YOU SHO-" I sang at the top of my lungs until I saw the five people who I've been friends with for 2 years.

"Hello!" They said in unison. "Love the voice by the way" My face started to heat up really fast. "Erm...not to be rude or anything but why are you guys here? In my house!" They looked at each other avoiding eye contact at me. I raised an eyebrow.

"Come on guys. I've known you all for two years! You can't lie to me! Now what's the big secret that you aren't telling me?!" I was getting anxious. I wanted to knows so badly! Once again they looked at each other avoiding me.

I sighed. "Fine don't tell me. Get out of the house if you guys came here for no reason" I said while pointing at the door. "Come in lads. The women needs to know!" Louis shouted. "Thanks Lou" he smiled in reply.

They still haven't said anything. I sighed. I wonder how I'll break them into saying something? Hmm....aha! I know I'll make Harry spit it out! I'll act all tease him with my flirtyness. Aha I'm gonna make him get a boner, and I know it!

I came up to him and laid my arms on his neck. I started moving down to his chest and you can feel his heart beating really fast. Haha! "Come in Harry, you know you can tell me" I said with my best seductive voice.

"I umm....we....umm.....FOR GODS SAKES AVA! STOP! WE'LL TELL YOU! Just sthap!" I smiled in satisfaction. "Come on Harry" the boys said in unison. I giggled. Liam sighed, knowing he would be the one breaking the news.

"Niall laid a girl at a bar nine months ago. She ended up getting pregnantbut she-" Liam tried to say but I interrupted him. "For gods sakes niall!" He bowed his head in shame. "As I was saying, she didn't want to tell Niall. But when they bumped into each other at the the store, Niall remembered her and noticed the baby bump she had and asked if it was hers. And she said yes. She gave birth last night and she left the baby to Niall to take care of" Liam stopped to catch some air then continued "So here we are asking you to take care of her while we're gone on tour, and the tour stops in the next 3 months. So are you willing to help our poor little Nialler over here?"

My eyes widened. They expect me to take care of a baby all by myself with no help at all!?! Wow. -.- "Please Ava! Please do it for me! You know how I love kids!" Niall begged me. I thought about it for a moment. I wonder what he baby looks like. Wait, where is the baby!? "Guys. First of all where's the baby?! You do know you can't just leave it all by it's self!" I started to freak out even though I don't know the baby.

"Oh don't worry she's with Paul" Zayn answered me. I sighed, wait so it was a girl? Yay! more girls! "So what do you say?" Niall asked. I sighed and nodded. They all jumped in the air and ran to hug me. I rolled my eyes, but then I felt a hand on my boob. "Harry. Hand. Off. The. Boob. Now." We stopped hugging and the boys looked at where Harry's hand was.

He took it off and blushed. "Geez Harry. I know I'm hot and all but seriously are you that desperate?" I said jokingly with a wink. The boys cracked up with laughter while he froze there with a his jaw open. "I am not desperate!" he defened. "Uh huh." He rolled his eyes and went outside. Aww did I make him that upset? Aha! 

"I'll go check on him to make sure he isn't crying"  then they started laughing again. I giggled and went out the door. I found Harry sticking his body in trying to get something. "Need help my lil pervert?" I teased. "Ha-ha very funny" he replied "Ya know I didn't mean to touch your boob one of the boys made me." 

"Uh huh" not convinced, and he knew that. "So anyways, whatcha getting" I looked at the thing he was getting and to my suprise it was a cute little blonde girl. She was so adorable. "This is the baby you have to take care of" I rolled my eyes and took it out of Harry's arms. Her eyes fluttered open and she flashed the most amazing blue eyes ever! I swear her eyes were brighther thatn the sky or the ocean!

"Mummy! Mummy!" she cried happily. Aww shit! She think i'm her mum. I looked at Harry with worried eyes. He smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. I sighed and went into the house while Harry got the stuff and told Paul he could leave. I walked in and found Niall waiting by the door. "Daddy! Daddy!" she said. 


A/N Hey guys! Hope you're liking the story so far! Hmm...Ava taking care of Niall's baby?! Woah! Aha lol. If you guys liked this please FAV/ COMMENT/ VOTE thanks! ~youroneandonlyniall

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