[ Old Work] Luna Weasly The Lost sister of Harry Potter


hey guys hope you enjoy thhis chapter

my friend wrote georges pov of this story called George weasy and the chosen ones sister by pottermad . check it out :)


It's strange the whole day was monotonous. lessons didn't start till tomorrow so there was nothing particularly to do. I informed Ginny and longbottom of the conversation Snape and I had. Longbottom didn't seem to want to protect Draco, Ginny didn't either but she respected my wishes.
I decided that I would spend sometime alone down by the lake, a place where Draco and I went a lot when we wanted to get away from school life. I tried to read some of my class books in preparation for classes tomorrow but I couldn't stop wishing that I was back in a meadow by the borrow always slightly distracted from what ever I was doing because I always expected George to sneak up on me.
I put the book down it was no use trying to read it none of the long boring words were sinking in. I pulled out my wand and made some of the early falling leaves float in the air a meter or so high then let them drift slowly back down to the ground.
I head foot steps approaching and I turned around. It was Ginny. She was just as lonely as me, sure we both had what felt like hundreds of friends but the people we both cared about most were not here and that made us both sad.
"hay Ginny " I called out to her and patted my hand on the floor to the left of me signalling her to sit there.
"hay Luna" she sounded dejected and sleep deprived
"you miss Harry don't you" I whispered so that even she struggled to hear me. You never quite know who was listening into your conversations anymore at Hogwarts.
"about the same amount as you miss George" she muttered. She must have seen a flash of shock on my face.
"Are we that obvious?"
"no mum and dad haven't noticed but that's it everyone else has"
She left it at that, slumped onto my shoulder and fell asleep.
It's funny what unimportant things you think of when your board. I was transported back to my first year at Hogwarts. The sorting hat was placed on my head and I was shocked when it started to talk to me
" courage and bravery, I have seen another mind similar to yours early in the bunch tonight. Where to put you. You would suite all the houses except hufflpuff. But what is this, are you trying to trick me child, the mind is exactly alike but yet so different your name is Luna weasly yet, never mind it does not matter. Any preference where you would like to go"
I was confused what did he mean my mind is similar to someone else's yet so different. it all made sense now, he ment mine ws similar to Harrys. I said no and he carried on searching through my mind
"well I think I might balance it out considering other events of the night and put you in slytherin even if you are a potter" a potter. Am a Weasley. the crowd on the slytherin table let me know which table it was by celebrating loudly at their new recruit and I made my way carefully over to the table aware that there were many eyes on me.
It makes sense now. I had heard Harry tell Ron about what the sorting hat had said about him being put in slytherin, the sorting hat saw me has harrys counter part and therefore put me in slytherin to balance things out.
The dream ended and I woke up to Ginny shaking me lightly informing me that it was getting dark and that we should go to the great hall for dinner.
This was the first time I was going to experience the whole school since we had been back. I had eaten breakfast early enough that i went back to the common room grabbed a book and headed for my usual spot beneth the tree before anyone else had even woken and contemplated breakfast. I was dreading it all those eyes staring at me just like I was back in my first year walking up to the slytherin table sliding into a spot next to a boy called Malfoy.
George I blame you I was all up for running away with you and not going back to finish my education, just like you but you said
'the safest place for a slytherin like yourself is at hogwarts even with death eaters rooming around.'
Yes george I am really safe aren't I.

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