Prologue - Sell my Virginity to the Hot Doctor

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Date Started: December 30, 2012


Thanks for giving my story a try... Hope you like it... ^___^


This story is a pure fiction, a product of my imagination... Sa totoo lang, ang una kong pinost 'to dati, the title is "A Gangster for a Doctor, ironic isn't?"... Then nung isang araw, hindi ako makatulog then naisip ko, baka hindi ko magawa ung gangster na theme kaya ito binago ko rin nung gabing yun ung pinakaplot... Eto kinalabasan... XD

P.S. For sis Joice, sya unang nakaalam ng story na 'to... ^___^



>>>Girl's POV


Protected it for 20 years but given in just one night.

Who would have thought that the conservative promdi would be a slut for a night?

Unexpected, yes. But, I guess, I don't really have a choice. This is all I have to offer.

My virginity as an exchange for an easy money. And I sell my virginity to the hot doctor.

>>>Boy's POV

I usually don't 'do' virgins. They're too pure for me.

I have my share of liberated women whose too willing to jump in my bed but one particular woman caught my attention. She's too hot and too innocent for her own good. And she's selling her virginity. I really don't know what's got into me. Too cliché to say, I bought her, willingly.

>>>My POV

This is the story of friendship, family, sacrifices, passion and of course, love. A story that started with her, selling her virginity to him, the hot doctor.

tnx for reading... ^____^