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One Direction Imagines


You find out he's cheating on you.


Harry: You were relaxing on the couch, watching tv while Harry was in the shower.

Suddenly his phone beeped, notifying him of a message. With no hesitation you clicked 'open'. There were no secrets between you two so you thought why not.

From Ruby: Hey babe, you coming over tonight? we're gonna have lots of fun ;)

You couldn't believe what you just read! You tried not jumping to conclusions but as you read the text over and over again, your thoughts were being confirmed. You heard footsteps coming closer to you and you stood up.

'What's up babe?' he asked, walking into the kitchen.

'Should I order or are you going over to Ruby's?' you asked sarcastically.

'What?!' his head snapped at you.

'What Harry? You thought I'd never find out? How long has this been going on for?' you were now yelling.

He looked at the floor, not being able to answer.

'Answer the question Harry!' you screamed.

'A month.' he mumbled.

'A month?! I believed your lies for a whole month!' you bitterly said.

'We weren't exactly on best terms (Y/N)!' he snapped.

'I know we weren't Harry but that doesn't mean you go fuck someone else!' tears were now threatening to fall.

'She helped me (Y/N)!'

'I'm sure she did Harry!' you spat.

'I'm sorry okay!'

'No Harry! It's not okay! And your sorry means nothing to me!' you couldn't hold back your tears anymore.

'No no baby please don't cry!' he said lifting his hand to wipe your tear away.

'Don't you dare touch me!' you threatened, slapping his hand away.

'' he stuttered not knowing what to say.

'Just get out.' you said through gritted teeth.

'What?' he asked, stunned.

'I said get out you fucking liar!' tears were uncontrollably flowing down your cheeks, blurring your vision.

Without another word and tears of his own, he exited the room, slamming the door behind him. You dropped on the floor, sobbing hard, eventually falling asleep.


Louis: You were scrolling through your mentions ,on your phone, when a tweet caught your eye.

Sorry (N/Y) just thought you should know.

A photo link was attached to it so you clicked open. You gasped and dropped your phone. It was Louis kissing a girl which was definitely not you! Tears filled your eyes, how could he do this to you?

Just as you picked up your phone Louis entered the house.

'Hey carrot.' he smiled, leaning in for a hug.

'Don't touch me.' you whispered.

'What? Why?' he asked, confused.

'Don't play dumb Louis.' you said through gritted teeth.

'(Y/N) what are you talking about?' he asked, frowning.

'This might help you!' you said, throwing the phone to him.

He caught the phone, now staring at the screen with wide eyes,

'(Y/N) it's not what you think okay, let me explain.' he said slowly.

'I don't want to hear it Louis.' you said, tears flowing down your cheeks.

'But (Y/N)-'

'No Louis, I don't want to hear it. You're sleeping on the couch tonight.' you yelled and stormed upstairs.

That night you wouldn't let Louis sleep with you, instead you made him sleep on the couch. You were in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water when he came behind you.

'Thanks for not kicking me out.' he said.

'You're only sleeping here because fans and paparazzis' are outside. You're leaving tomorrow.' you said, pushing past him.

The next day you woke up, and Louis was sleeping on the couch.

Should I give him a chance to explain? you thought just as he woke up.


Niall: You and Niall were having a lazy day, but ran out of junk food. He ran to the store to get some more, but left his phone on the table.

You were going through your DVD collection when suddenly his phone rang.

Incoming call from: Linda

You frowned at the name, but picked up.

'Niall where are you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago!' a female voice said on the other line.

You gasped and hung up. Who the hell was Linda? Your head snapped at the door shutting.

'You okay princess?' he asked, two bags in each hand.

'Don't princess me Niall! Who's Linda?' you said, trying to keep calm.

He dropped the bags at the mention of 'Linda' .

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