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Bahja & Princeton Love Story



Nique: Are you serious?!?!

Prod: Yeah she's serious! 

Me: Yup!!! I love Prod with all my heart and I always will.

Prod: And I love you too BreDoll!!

Roc: Well dammnit! We might as well come out too! Me and Nique are dating!!

EveryBody except him and Star: Well, I mean, we all saw that comin! We knew that! 

Bee: Well this is great!! We all love eachother!! 

Ray: AHEM!!!!

Me: Ohh bad Ray.

Ray: I'm gonna go back to my room..see yall later.

Everybody: Bye Ray!

Nique: I feel so bad for him.. 

Me: I know right. He looks so sad.


Man I can't believe this! Everybody all lovey-dovey and I'm just there. With nobody by my side. I gotta find me somebody. I'm tired. I think I'm gonna just go to sleep. I'll see the crew later.

Nique's POV

Me: Umm y'all, I'm kinda tired, I think I'm gonna go up to my room. 

Everybody: ok bye!

Roc: Yea I'm kinda tired too, I'm gonna go back up to my room to.

Everybody: Bye!! 

Bee: Liar!! He know he ain't goin to sleep!

Prod: He goin to Nique's room.

Bre: Yup, they gonna be gettin it in tonight!!!

Bee: lol you know it!

Nique POV

Me: *hears a knock on the door* Who is it??

???: Me

Me: Hmmm..I don't know anybody named me.

???: Girl it's Roc stop playing!

Me: *Opens door* Heey bae!

Roc: *kicks door close and kisses her*

Me: *pushes him off* Roc what was that!?!?

Roc: We've been on this damn tour for 5 days and I haven't had any alone time with you at all! I miss you!!

Me: I missed you too.

Roc: *picks her up and throws her on the bed*

Me: You really missed me didn't you?

Roc: Yup! *starts kissing her neck*

Me: *moans*

Roc: *Unzips her pants and pulls them down*

Me: *pulls off his shirt*

Roc: *starts eating her out*

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Cast Nique's stepdad
Tinyas Nique's mom
Zonnique Pullinsas Nique
Shamra Rodriguezas Bahja'a mom
Bahja Rodriguezas Bee
Regin Goubilas Bre's mom
Breaunna Womackas Bre
Mindless Behavioras Princeton, Roc, Prod, Ray
Jacob Latimoreas Jacob
Diggy Simmonsas Diggy

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