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Dirty one direction imagines


This one is for Samantha

My first request!!

Sorry it took soooo long I've been busy

Ok here we go!!:)

I had just got home from work so I checked my answering machine 1 new message it was from Harry. Yes THE Harry styles one of my best friends.

"Samantha, do u wanna go out with me and Niall tonight?? Maybe go clubbing? Call me back"

You then heard Niall in the background yelling Samie! And laughing which made you smile at the nickname both Harry and Niall called you.

You called Harry back and started getting ready given that you guys were going out at 10 and it was all ready 8. You showered, curled your hair, did your makeup and then put on your short tight red dress that made your semi curvy body look more defined. You paired it with black heels. You grabbed your clutch bag when there was a nock on your door. You could hear Niall and Harry on the other side of the door play fighting with each other. You opened your front door to see both boys giving the other one a head lock and laughing.

"What are you guys fighting about?"

"Who gets to sit in the front of the car with you" Niall said from underneath Harry's arm.

"You two are such children"

Both boys pouted and pretended to cry.

"I have an idea Niall can drive while Sam sits in my lap" Harry said with a wink.

"Cheeky. But no. Ill just sit in the back."

With that you guys walked out to the car and you all got in the car. You were about ready to get in when you felt to big hands around your waist.

"I wasn't kidding about you sitting in my lap"

And deep, husky voice said as you were picked up and put in the front seat.

The whole time to the club you say on Harry's lap and when you got to there Harry gave you a little squeeze before letting out of the car. You thought nothing of Harry's flirtyness ( AN: idk how to spell that lol:p) because he was all way like that. You guys when't straight to the bar and all of you guys had 5 shots before you started to the dance floor with Niall and Harry right be hide you. When you stopped so did harry and Niall. Niall stayed be hide you and Harry when't in front. You 3 started grinding on each other. You would like to blame the drinks but you didn't think they had kicked in yet.

After hours of dirty dancing and drinking with the boys all if you guys had enough. So you flagged down a taxi and when't back to your apartment. The boys were just going to stay in your guest bedroom tonight.

After you had got dressed to when't to say good night to the boys. You opened up the door.

"Goodni.... Oh my god! I'll um just uh leave.

You said as you walked in on a naked Niall.

"No. Samantha come back I wanna talk to you."

You came back into the room trying not to look at nialls huge penis again.

"You no I was a little jealous of Harry on the ride up....."Niall began walking closer to you. You moved back so your weren't close your naked best friend.

" now with the way you and him were flirting. I bet if I wasent there you to would have fucked each other right there..." Niall says as your back hit the wall and he was inches away from you and he started kissing your neck. You bit your lipping trying not to moan intill he found your sweat spot and a moan escaped your mouth Niall smirk against your skin. He took your top off and since you were playing on going to bed before this happened your breast were exposed to his hungry eyes. Only in your wildest dreams had something this exotic happened between you and Niall. Not intill He attacked your boobs with his mouth and you heard a moan did you now Harry had came back into the room. Once he notice you had saw him he stopped jacking him self off and got off the bed and walked towards you he pushed Niall out of the way skittle and lightly groped the other boob Niall didn't have in his mouth.

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