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My Boyfriend Is A Drug Dealer [Complete]


Shout out to "beggest" for being my #2 fan ever. Go check out her stories. 


I woke and check the time, it was Monday and I had to go to school. I didnt to get out of bed, I turned over and Quincy was laying next to me. He looked so cute when he was sleeping."Quincy wake up", I said, shaking him.

"What ma?", he asked.

"You have to go because I have to go to school today.", I said, getting up.

"Dont worry about it ill take you.", he said, turning over and snoring again.

I took a shower and tried to figure out what to wear. I decided to wear skinny jeans, and black off the shoulder shirt, and black sandals. I kept my hair in a bun because I was too tired to do it.

"Im ready", I told Quincy.

I watched him get out of bed and get dressed."Why you watching me?", he asked.

"I dont know...can we go now?", I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Lets roll", he said.

We jumped in his car and sped off to my school."So do you like school?", Quincy asked.

"Not really.", I said.

"Why not?", he asked, touching my leg.

"Theres this girl named Courtney that I hate sooo much.", I said.

"Why dont you beat her up?", he asked.

"Because im afraid her parents might sue me or send me to jail.", I said.

"Do you need me to handle her?", he asked, putting his hand on his pocket where his gun was.

"Nope I think she is just hating because im the captain of the cheer squad and she aint.", I said.

"Damn girl. You a cheerleader?", he asked.

"Yes. But I think im going to have to quit because I cant afford it anymore", I said.

"What happened to the stack I gave you?", he asked.

"Im saving it for college", I said.

"You know...if you needed college money I could have just paid for the whole thing.", he said.

"No thanks...theres my school.", I said.

He pulled up in front of the school and kissed me on the cheek,"Ill pick you up", he said.

"Thanks", I said, getting out.

I walked up the steps to the school and I hear someone calling my name, I turn around and Nia is running behind me. "Why didnt you call me back?", she asked.

"Im sorry, I was busy.", I said.

"Oh how do you get home friday?", she asked.

"Quincy", I said.

"Liar", she said.

"Your right", I said, folding my arms," I actually left Saturday morning."

"Whatever", she said and walked off.

I stood there and rolled but then someone bumped me."Well if it isnt Lelani", Courtney said.

"Leave me alone", I said, then I pushed her.

"Hold up", a boys voiced said.

I turned around and saw Quincy standing there.

"Whos this your babydaddy?", Coutney asked.

"Naw this is the nigga that says if you touch his girl again hes going blow your ass.", he said.

His voice sounded so sexy when he was mad, and it sounded even sexier when he called me his girl.

"I can get the cops on you", Courtney said.

"Bitch dont nobody care. Ill beat your ass anyway.", I said, balling up my fist.

"Do it and see how much trouble you get in and I dont", she said.

"You think that just because your white you better than but look around we live in the same neighborhood and go to the same school. We all broke out here", I said.

"No matter what ill never be broke as you.", she said, getting up in face.

"Do something I said", I said.

Courtney pushed me and before I could push her back I heard a gunshot and Courtney fell to the ground. Everyone standing around scattered."Run", Quincy said.

I wanted to run but I couldnt move. It was like my feet were glued to the ground. I wanted to take me eyes off of Courtney but I couldnt. I stood there watching blood run from her mouth and under her shirt. I looked at Quincy holding his gun. He kept telling me to run but it was like it went in one ear and out the other.

"Ruuunnnn", Quincy said.

I heard him but I still couldnt move. Quincy picked me up and threw me in his car then he jumped in and drove off.

"Are you crazy?", "What were you thinking?", I asked him, "You cant just leave her."

"Be quiet, I paniced", he said.

"Oh my god. We are going to jail", I said.

"No we are not and even if we do have to go to jail im going to make sure you dont", he said.

"I couldnt stand the girl but I didnt want her dead", I said.

"Shit shit shit", Quincy said.

"Take me home", I said.

"You cant go home everyone knows where you live", he said.

"Fuck then where am I going to go?", I asked him.

"I have a protection home in Malibu", he said.

"Why Malibu?", I asked.

"Because if I got into some I know that the cops would check the hoods for me so I bought crib where the upper class live cause I now they would never look there.", he explained.

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