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Blurred Vision (Seth Clearwater / Twilight)

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Jasmine's POV

Knock knock. I opened the door. A woman with strict and formal clothes and facial expression stood there.

"Are you miss Jasmine Villegas?" She asked me. I nodded slowly. "I am Amanda, and I work at the socials". I gulped, she's gonna take me away. "Why don't we sit down?" She gestured towards a chair like she owned the place. I sat down in the couch. Amanda greeted Emily and Sam. Embry and Quil she just pretended wasn't there.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. Like I didn't know what had happen.

"I'm sure you know that you're parents were in Colombia," she said and I nodded. "At the restaurant they ate last night there was a.... shooting. Your parents didn't... survive," she said sadly. I felt tears drop down my eyes.

"What?" I asked with thick voice. She wrapped me in a hug.

"Everything's gonna be alright," she soothed me.

"What's gonna happen now?" I sobbed into her shoulder.

"We have to take you to the orphan. Until we can find somewhere for you to stay," she murmured.

"No. Please don't..." My voice was terrifed as I stood up and backed away.

"Excuse me miss. But can't Jasmine stay with us until you find something else? We would be happy to take her in," Emily interrupted. Amanda seemed to think about it.

"What do you think about that?" She asked me.

"It would make me a little more happy," I replied low.

"Okey, you can stay here. But you need to tell us, do you have any family that might take you in?" Amanda asked me. I thought about it. I had an aunt in Canada. Another aunt around NY somewhere. Mom had a cousin that lived in Seattle. But in Forks, I had my uncle. Though I doubt that he'll take me in.

"Uhh, I have an uncle that lives here in Forks. His name in uhh Nick Villegas," I said. He worked as an ambulance nurse. He thought he was so good and great. He had a wife, Nina, and a newly born son, Justin.

"Okey, we'll check him up," Amanda said. "Have a nice day. I'm sorry about your loss." Amanda put her hand on my shoulder then gave me a hug. I nodded and then she left. I could see her through the window when she went of in a fancy purple car. I sighed and turned to Emily and the pack that was here.

"I'm so sorry. I hope your uncle is nice," Emily said and hugged me tight.

"He's kind of stuck up. But I'll survive," I said and she chuckled lightly.

I wonder what will happen. Now when I have to go to my uncle. He thinks everything is about him. I don't exactly hate him. But I don't like him. He just destroy the holidays.

Soon enough Seth burst through the door.

"I'm hungry," he burst out, then he picked me up. He held me tight while spinning us around. I giggled and held onto him tight. "And I love you," he said low when he had put me down. "I've almost forgot the way you look at me," he whispered low in my ear. I blushed but didn't know what to answer on that.

"I love you too," I said so low I could. He chuckled and kissed me quick on the lips. Then he took my hand and pulled me to the table.

"Here have some," he said and pushed a muffin in my hand.

"Oh, I'm not hungry" I said and pushed it back.

"I insist," he said and pushed it back.

"I insist on not eating it," I said through my teeth and he sighed in defeat. I held my head high while laying back on my chair. If I want to eat I'll eat! How hard can it be to get that? "Oh and Seth, the social people were here. My parents really are dead. They're gonna try to make contact with my uncle, to see if I can live with him," I said and looked down. I felt his warm and strong arms wrap around me.

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