Only One.

Dedicated to

This poem is dedicated to my AMAZING best friend Jessica (Masquerade_Jinx) who has been with me through so much and stuck by my side. These words cannot express how grateful I am to have her in my life.-eyesofrebekah


There’s only one who can take me away

One to make the night feel like a new day


Somebody to tell me it's all fine

Somebody who is their own and still mine.


She’s my rock, my shelter, my friend;

The one that keeps from going over the deep end.


Her hands bringing penciled figures alive,

It's my lost imagination she revives.


Words of love and wisdom all things good

She says things I wish I could.


She’s the one that tells me not to cry

But rather to move on and try to fly.


It’s a person like her I’ve always needed,

Someone to lift me up when I am defeated.


It’s a shame this is all I can say about this amazing girl,

Who has by no doubt changed my world.


It is with these words I realize I have only one thing left to do,

And that is to finally say, thank you.


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